Sóller has a new language school …

… right in the center.

What do we offer?

We offer German, English, and Spanish classes in various class scenarios: one on one, small groups, or courses. With individual classes or small groups, the class content and language level is adapted totally for the participant(s). There we offer all levels, from A1 (basic) to C2 (almost mother tongue level). Before starting the individual or small-group classes, the language teacher will have a meeting with the participant(s) to determine the subject areas, level, duration, and class schedule.

Our teaching materials come from a variety of sources and many are created in the school for individual teaching situations.

Language Classes during Vacations

If you are interested in taking Spanish classes while on vacation in the Sóller area, get in touch with us before you come. We can send you a placement test and work out a class program with you beforehand. Contact us early so that we can provide you with the class schedule that suits you best.

Other Services

Proof reading, text creation and translations from Spanish to English and German.

Individual classes of German and English: prices and hours
Individual class, 60 minutes                                      15,00€
Small group, two participants, 60 minutes                12,00€/participant
Small group, three participants, 60 minutes              10,00€/participant
Small group, four participants, 60 minutes                  8,00€/participant

Individual classes of Castillian (Spanish): prices and hours
Individual class, 60 minutes                                       18,00€
Small group, two participants, 60 minutes                 15,00€/participant
Small group, three participants, 60 minutes              12,00€/participant

Schedule of classes:
Monday to Friday 9.00-21.00

Information and registration:
Monday to Friday 11-13 and 17-20

If you are interested in a different kind of learning situation (e.g. at the workplace), please get in touch with us. Do you have other questions? Would you like a consultation or a placement test without commitment? Then talk or write to us, or come in personally.